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How well do you know your oral health ailments and conditions? Would you say you’re well-versed on cavities and what they consist of? To better improve your oral health and keep your smile safe from several risks such as cavities, always understand the risks and establish prevention treatment plans to use along with effective oral health care cleaning techniques. To determine where your knowledge stands in relation to cavities, take the following quiz:

Question 1: What is a cavity?
A: an entire row of missing teeth
B: infections within your gums
C: a hole in your tooth enamel
D: a tool used to help clean out your mouth

Question 2: Which of the following are benefits of cavity prevention?
A: a lower risk of tooth failure
B: a brighter smile
C: a lower risk for tooth pain
D: all of the above

Question 3: Which of the following is not a cause of cavities?
A: plaque buildup
B: dental erosion
C: the excessive consumption of sugary sweets and treats
D: all of the above can cause cavities

Question 4: Which of the following are treatments for cavities?
A: night guards and bite plates
B: a dental filling such as composites
C: dental crowns
D. teeth whiteners

Answer Key:
C, D, D, B

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