Reasons to Receive Dentures

A fun historical fact is that people have been wearing artificial teeth for at least 2,000 years. However, in this age, many people are suspicious of dentures because they used to look more like stubbles of chalk than actual teeth, but dentures have come a long way in their appearance... Read more »

The Steps to Building a Better Smile: Gum Disease Symptoms

If you wish to protect your smile against all forms of gum disease, it is important to always look for any signs and symptoms that it is present. Gum disease can arise at anytime, and can be exacerbated by the habits in your life, certain genetic predispositions, your diet, and... Read more »

Learning Oral Health Facts on Dental Damage Prevention

  If you are ready to enhance your smile, set forth a prevention plan to keep your teeth and gums safe from dental damage. Dental damage can strike at any time and can come in a multitude of forms. However, most horrible accidents and injuries are preventable if you take... Read more »

A Tooth Chipped by Chronic Night Grinding Might Be Repaired by Installing a Dental Filling

If you notice yourself grinding your teeth at night on a regular basis, you shouldn’t dismiss the problem as innocuous. In fact, the excessive pressure and force exerted by clenching and grinding could potentially exceed the structural integrity of your tooth enamel. If one of your teeth has been chipped... Read more »

Keep Your Smile Gorgeous With Proper Dental Veneer Care

If you are not happy with the color or shape of your smile, you may find that dental veneers can deliver the results you want. These thin, tooth-colored shells offer many benefits, including correcting minor alignments in your smile, brightening your teeth, and closing unwanted tooth gaps. With proper care,... Read more »

A Tooth-Preservation Product Can Help Save a Knocked Out Tooth

An accidental blow to the face from a household fall or athletic injury can cause various forms of oral trauma. This can easily damage teeth or wound soft tissues in the mouth. Sometimes these severe incidents can carry enough force to knock out a tooth. In a moment like this seeking... Read more »

Bleeding Gums: Care Tips

Let’s not joke around: bleeding gums are no fun. They are painful, and they are frequently the indicator of a graver ailment, the early phases of periodontal disease. Fortunately, there are some things that you can to do mitigate your risk for bloody gums and the periodontal disease that so... Read more »

Types of Teeth

If you want to have a successful conversation with your dentist regarding your mouth, it helps to know the terms for various kinds of teeth. That’s why we at Heyen DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry have offered you with a list of useful word definitions to learn: Incisors: These refer... Read more »

Are You on Track to Make the Most of Your Dental Insurance Benefits This Year?

If you have been on track with your dental cleanings and exams this year, good for you! Or should we say, good for your smile. If you have not, there is still time to make the most of your dental insurance benefits this year by seeing Dr. Don W. Heyen in... Read more »

Oral Cancer Screenings and You

In recent years, an awareness of the dangers of tobacco has been heightened in the public mind. This includes a general awareness that smoking causes oral cancer. This is one of the many reasons that so many people have either quit smoking or never start – a fantastic new development... Read more »