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When the enamel layer of a single tooth is significantly compromised by a large cavity, dental fracture, or another physical defect, a dentist like Dr. Don W. Heyen can often treat it with a dental crown restoration. This treatment process will remove any remaining tooth enamel to replace it with a special dental material.

Several factors will influence the material that our dentist recommends for your dental work. This includes the tooth’s location in your mouth, its primary function, and its appearance in your smile, as well as your personal preferences.

Gold or base metal alloys might be used for a dental crown that restores a compromised molar or premolar in the back of the mouth. These materials are known to be durable to help the restored tooth process and grind food efficiently.

Dental grade porcelain-ceramic might be used to restore a tooth that is a noticeable part of your smile. This material can be shaded to match the neighboring teeth. Some of these dental crowns will also include a strong metal core for added bite strength.

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