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If you have any teeth that have suffered severe dental damage, a tooth restoration in the form of a dental crown can prove to be beneficial. Dental crowns are designed as fixed tooth prosthetic devices that go over the top of damaged teeth or implants to provide a new exterior to a tooth. Various information regarding dental crowns is as follows:

– If you are in need of covering a tooth restoration such as a dental bridge, dental implant or even root canals, dental crowns can be used.
– Dental crowns are extremely popular options for covering up irregularities in the size, shape, color, or curvature of a tooth and providing your smile the necessary look that is needed. Because they are customizable, they are cosmetic enhancements where needed.
– Dental crowns are extremely durable and can often last anywhere from a few decades up to an entire lifetime of support.
– In some situations, an individual may require a dental filling to remove a cavity. However, fillings are only able to be placed if enough tooth remains to adequately hold it. If there is not enough tooth remaining, a dental crown can be used to hold the tooth and the filling together.
– Dental crowns are highly effective for covering weak and broken teeth, stained or discolored teeth and teeth that are broken into bits.

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