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If you notice yourself grinding your teeth at night on a regular basis, you shouldn’t dismiss the problem as innocuous. In fact, the excessive pressure and force exerted by clenching and grinding could potentially exceed the structural integrity of your tooth enamel.

If one of your teeth has been chipped by chronic night grinding, it’s best to have examined and repaired by a dentist like Dr. Don W. Heyen, before tooth decay sets in. If the damage to the tooth enamel is minor Dr. Heyen might be able to repair it by installing an amalgam or composite resin dental filling.

A procaine injection in the local gum tissues will help numb the tooth to ensure your comfort throughout the treatment process. Dr. Heyen will then use a dental drill to remove a small amount of additional tooth enamel. This will create perfectly clean surface capable of securing the dental filling.

Amalgam dental fillings are made from a special metallic blend which makes them durable. This is often a good choice for repairing a chipped molar or premolar.

A composite dental filling will need to be created from a special type of dental resin. This allows the dental filling to match the surrounding tooth enamel. Which make it a good choice for a dental filling that will appear in your smile.

Once it has been cured by a special ultraviolet the new dental filling will last for many years. However, you might want to consider sleeping with a dental guard in your mouth to prevent future dental trauma.

If you have a chip on one of your teeth, and you live in the Wichita Falls, Texas, area, you should call 940-257-2522 to have it treated at Heyen DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.